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Top 3 TO DO Tasks

Or . . . DO what you can. A single phone call or email adds to the effort. Your action can make the difference.


The short answer is that there isn't time. — 2/7/2007

  Chairman Chickenheart  

Really Chairman Chickenheart? – you had the gavel for a single month and were suddenly out of time to even attempt/begin the impeachment you promised the American People? –

More than a year of torture has continued since your declaration to DO nothing about it. Another year of war death and maiming – of illegal spying – of looting the treasury – of voter disenfranchisement – of long-term damage you couldn't find the time to challenge.

It is your time that has run out. Pass the gavel to a real leader, like Mr. Wexler of Florida. Someone who is willing to defend the Constitution and the American People – instead of the Beltway Brahmin.